Mohamed Chelali

I am now a PhD student at the laboratory of computer sciences of Paris Descartes University (LIPADE), in the SIP (Système intelligents de Perception) team, and teacher at UFR mathemathics and informatics. I am supervised by Nicole VINCENT and Camille KURTZ. My research activities focus on the analysis of Satellite Image Time Serie (SITS). SITS represent huge volumes of data with hight temporal frequency and the goal of my PhD thesis is to build and to extract discriminative spatio-temporal features for the classification of agricultural and urban territories, leading to land cover maps.

Keywords : Image analysis, Computer vision, Remote sensing.


[2018-now] - Paris Descartes University

PhD student in Computer Science

New constellations of satellites acquire images with a high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution around the world leading to Satellite Image Time Series (SITS). During my thesis, our objective is to analyse the image time serie in order to extract features that enrich the orginal data and perform an application, such as a classification, by maximazing the accuracy.
Advisors: Nicole Vincent, Camille Kurtz.

[2016-2018] - Paris Descartes University

Master's degree in Computer Sciences - Image et Plurimedia field

The master's was validated with a research internship at the LIPADE.
Advisors: Nicole Vincent, Camille Kurtz.

[2015-2016] - El Bachir El Ibrahimi University

Master 1 in Computer Science - Networking and Multimedia field

[2012-2015] - El Bachir El Ibrahimi University

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - Image Processing field


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I have a teaching assignments during of my Phd research at the UFR Mathématiques et Informatique of Université de Paris