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I am now a PhD student at the laboratory of computer sciences of Paris Descartes University (LIPADE), in the SIP (Système intelligents de Perception) team, and teacher at UFR mathemathics and informatics. I am supervised by Nicole VINCENT and Camille KURTZ. My research activities focus on the analysis of Satellite Image Time Serie (SITS). SITS represent huge volumes of data with hight temporal frequency and the goal of my PhD thesis is to build and to extract discriminative spatio-temporal features for the classification of agricultural and urban territories, leading to land cover maps.


PhD student in Computer Sciences [2018-now]

Paris Descartes University
Satellite Image Time Series analysis

Master in Computer Sciences [2016-2018]

Paris Descartes University

Master 1 in Computer Sciences [2015-2016]

B.B. Arreridj University

Licence in Computer science[2012-2015]

B.B. Arreridj University


Teaching assignments [Oct 2018 : now ]

Paris Descartes University, UFR mathemathics and informatics
-> introduction to programming (C language programming)
-> functionnal programming (CAML)

Research internship [Fev : Juin 2018]

Paris Descartes University, LIPADE
Subject: Satellite Image Time Series analysis and featurese extraction

Development internship [Mars : Juin 2016]

B.B. Arréridj University
Development of a student management system based on RFID card

End of cycle internship (Bachelor's degree)[Mars : Juin 2015]

B.B. Arréridj University
Development of a virtual laboratory - vLab -
The project objective is to create a remote laboratory network in the Maghreb (ie Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco). These laboratories will be accessed remotely via three platforms with 15 teaching units. They allow students to complete their training and achieve their practical work. The University of B.B.Arréridj being a partner of this project has deployed a distance learning platform offering for the moment three training units namely: • Biometric identification. • Computer-assisted study of electrical components and circuits. • Programming tools.

  1. Chelali, M., Kurtz, C., Vincent, N., Puissant, A.: Urban land cover analysis from satellite image time series based on temporal stability. IEEE Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE 2019). In Press

LIPADE - EA2517, Groupe SIP
UFR Mathématiques et Informatique
Paris Descartes University
45 rue des Saints Pères
75006 Paris (France)